SEENUANTA simply means as it is. The warmth light and atmosphere party. We are a team of space stylists, photographer and planner who share all passion for all things in love and life event. 


We adore to art, symbol and natural light. So our key strength is combined with above three main components. And we try our best to create each event in unique style by our individual work process.


We are friendly and optimistic service. So we will learn and feel in your way and promise to present them to you uniquely.   

All things in each event stand on their own tiny detail. We install the craft and DIY stuff that bring you feel about the host or the subject of the party. 


With our experiences in photography and art work, we’ve learned how to impress and captured the best scene in your special day. We believe and respect to capture the rawest and the most emotional moments. 


So we are genuinely excited to put our so-called

SEENUANTA art space and celebrate with you happily. 

“We try to feel and celebrate with your story .” 

Tae Jeeranant